About Us

Shoneez Cars Trading L.L.C

is a global 4x4 project vehicle supplier. Companies need 4x4 project vehicles in the worksites and the equipment pools during their projects. Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux are the mostly preferred 4x4 vehicles among global companies. Those vehicles proved themselves for being extremely durable and reliable on all kinds of terrain. Shoneez provides Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux in short time periods thanks to its four geographically dispersed stocks which are located in Kuwait, Russia, Jordan and U.A.E

 Management Persons :

Hi,In Shoneez Company , I have the chance of managing a very talented, young and energetic group of colleagues. With such a team, it is not very difficult to run a client-based and ultimate service-minded operation.The thing that I love about my job is, most of the time our clients are becoming our friends. After more than 10 years in business,.



 Shoneez History

Shoneez was established in 1991 and is located in Damascuse, Syria. The company started business by supplying project vehicles to Russia , but gradually extended its services to clients in other industry sectors all over the world. As we celebrate our tenth year, Shoneez has grown into an international export operation and become the most preferred supplier of vehicles for clients worldwide.


 Shoneez Organization

As an international company, Shoneez has a professional and a dedicated team. Sales, marketing, logistics and purchasing departments of Shoneez are enriched by highly competent staff members. Every single member of our team is always eager to help our customers in a friendly way. Our main aim is to obtain maximum customer satisfaction by adopting a professional style with the amateur spirit. Shoneez team members will always be pleased to be of your service and assisting you.


Shoneez Vision and Mission

Shoneez is a global project vehicle supplier. Since our first day in this business, we have been working for our customers’ satisfaction regarding 4x4 vehicles. As an international 4x4 provider, Shoneez has 4 main stock locations all over the world. Our geographically dispersed stock locations lend assistance to us to meet our customers’ needs. Our main aim is to obtain maximum client delightedness by creating best solutions for them.

Shoneez Vision

Creating win-win solutions for long lasting partnerships with our customers.

Shoneez Mission

  • Utilizing innovative strategies.
  • Creating solutions for our customers in “region by region” or “sector by sector” basis.
  • Sustaining high quality service.
  • Improvement for all our stakeholders.